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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Train. (Rundown #4)

Eat, Sleep, Train. It's kinda been my motto for a while. That's the mood I'm in at least. This period of the year for me is the most important. The training part, i mean. This summer has been horrible for my training so far. I mean, i have been gone three weeks, without any chance of running...or any other kind of training. And now i have to step up my training for upcoming races...Or I'm toast. I have races coming up in a couple weeks, also ones planned all through the fall. And my concern has been if I'm getting enough training in. And if I'm eating correctly. And for those anting to know my weekly training consists of:
Monday : Easy run
Tuesday : Off or extra
Wednesday : Speed work
Thursday : Easy run
Friday: Off or extra
Saturday: Long run

Now all of that sounds easy...But when executing all of this, that's when it gets hard. The hardest parts are the parts i need to run most. Speed work, and Long run. I need he speed work to increase speed, and the long run for endurance. Two key ingrediants for a PR at my next race.

And a slightly related note...
"Eat, sleep, train." Has also been my M.O. (Method of Operation) For my spritiual life as well. Things I've learned this summer have taught me that ireally need to make an effort in my personal journey/wa;k with Jesus Chirst. Which, just like the running, excuting this is hard. It takes effort and dicipline, two key ingrediants for a eventful and joyful relationship with Jesus.

And training myself to be Godly is whole lot hardy then trainign for a 5K or a 10K.

It takes time to get to know Him, But since He wants to be my bestfriend, and I want Him to be my bestfriend, then it will all be worth it.

I just wish I had more time.



Rundown over.

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  1. Sam, What words of wisdom and power.....effort and discipline! I am so thankful that someone as young as you understood the power of walking or running with God! I am so glad God directed you to put your thoughts and experience down to share with others. You still challenge me!